Writers, Here's How to Make $$$ from Affiliate Deals: Plug & Play

As a newsletter writer, you must have recognized that owning your email list (vs. relying on a platform like Facebook or Instagram) is an extremely powerful thing. The next step is to turn that audience into a revenue stream.

With Swapstack, the premier newsletter advertising marketplace, you can monetize your newsletter in two ways:

  1. Browse through hundreds of brands in their brand gallery, select the ones that fit your audience’s niche, and pitch them for a sponsorship. You can earn money based on the deals you work out with the brand.
  2. Go through the list of pre-approved affiliate sponsorships on Plug & Play, and simply pick one that’s best suited to your reader base and build an ad. You can earn based on the number of sign-ups or downloads your newsletter ad drives.

This post is about Plug & Play: how it works, how you can secure an affiliate deal for yourself, and how to make the most of this brand new offering by Swapstack.

First, what’s an affiliate deal?

An affiliate program allows you to earn money based on the number of conversions you drive to a company or brand. When you do this, you become an affiliate for the company or brand.

Investopedia defines this in the retail sector as “one company becomes affiliated with another in order to sell its products or services, earning a commission for doing so.”

In the case of Swapstack’s Plug & Play, when you advertise a company on your newsletter, you earn an assured amount per conversion. Only, in this case, the affiliate deal is pre-approved on Swapstack and you don’t have to go through the hassle of signing up for programs and filling forms.

What makes Plug & Play so powerful?

The Swapstack team is completely made up of creators and newsletter writers. They know from experience that monetization is a taxing, difficult process.

Giving writers the option to ALWAYS have a sponsor at the ready is a game-changer for any creator looking to ensure consistent revenue. Aside from that, here’s what makes Plug & Play so powerful:

1. Pre-approval

You don’t have to craft interesting pitches to clamor for the brand’s attention. All you have to do is select the brand that suits your niche.

It doesn’t matter if your newsletter has 10,000 subscribers or 10, if you can drive clicks through Plug & Play, you’re immediately eligible to get paid.

2. Speed

On Swapstack, a brand deal usually takes about 1–2 days to be finalized. It involves several back-and-forth emails, negotiations, and proofreading before the deal comes through.

But with Plug & Play, this process is accelerated. There’s no more need for negotiations, and you can have a sponsor for every newsletter you send.

3. Flexibility

You can work as frequently with a brand as you’d like, or you can work with as many brands as you want. There are no rules, and you can select the same or a different sponsor every week.

4. High payouts

With some brands paying as much as $67 for each conversion, you can expect high payouts.

And once you get an idea of the kind of brands that work best with your newsletter audience, you can keep plugging them in your emails and earn a decent amount every month.

5. Quality brands

Selling ad space in your newsletter is always a risky bet. What if your audience loses trust in you because of a sketchy brand?

But with Swapstack’s Plug & Play, you don’t have to worry about that as only top-quality brands are enrolled in the program.

Screenshot of the Plug & Play brands.

How Plug & Play works

As the name suggests, Plug & Play is extremely simple to use. It has four easy steps:

  1. Create a Swapstack account here.
  2. Toggle to the “Plug & Play” tab and choose a brand or publisher you’d like to work with.
  3. Use your personalized link in your newsletter with some of the suggested creative to build an ad that resonates with your subscribers.
  4. Run the newsletter and get paid for every conversion you drive.

Does it really work?

If you think it sounds too good to be true, well, you’re in for a surprise.

Writers like Alex Cervasio, who runs The Daily Coach, have already made upwards of $2,000 working with multiple Plug & Play brands in less than a month after its launch. There are several other case studies that prove Plug & Play is indeed a valuable option for writers.

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