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Swapstack launches a free Tip Jar for newsletter writers.

We officially launched the Swapstack Tip Jar. The Tip Jar enables any newsletter creator (globally) to collect tips and small donations from their followers, for free.

We also launched on Product Hunt, please help support our launch here!

Link to PH: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/tip-jar-by-swapstack

How it works:

When you create a Swapstack profile and connect your Stripe account, you will automatically have a sleek Tip Jar page created for you (check an example here!). You can share your Tip Jar link in your newsletter, on your blog or site, and allow your biggest supporter to pledge a small tip to support your work. Supporters will be able to choose an amount and send a tip directly to you. Stripe fees do apply, but we don’t take any cut!

Why is a Tip Jar a good idea?

We’ve seen Tip Jars pop up all over the place, and for good reason. Creators of all kinds typically build large audiences before they can generate meaningful revenue from ads, sales, or other types of partnerships. Even when they do generate income in other ways, we’ve found that creators continue to utilize a Tip Jar to not only augment their income streams but, to solidify their relationships with their followers.

Ways that we’ve seen creators use Tip Jars:

  • Simply ask for support from their followers.
  • Tips for Shoutouts: Writers will provide a “shout out” in their next issue(s) in return for a tip.
  • Pay what you want: Many niche writers periodically release products (like an e-book or how-to guides) for their readers to utilize. We’ve seen writers release these products, and provide a Tip Jar for support to “Pay what they want” instead of charging a flat fee. Many times, they’ll generate more substantial revenue from this strategy than an outright fee.
  • Extra Content: Similar to a subscription, a Tip could unlock extras from the writer!

The future of the Tip Jar

There are natural pathways that this type of engagement can transition into general commerce or web3 engagements.

The Tip Jar page could become a place where creators begin to sell products, sponsorships, or guest appearances from. Additionally, the potential of accepting crypto via a Tip Jar, or utilizing the Tip Jar to issue NFTs to the tipper to concretize the relationship between the reader and writers, are all avenues where Tip Jars can evolve to.

TL:DR: The Swapstack Tip Jar is a free, and easy way for creators to expand their revenue streams and build their relationships with their followers!

If you’re a newsletter writer looking to monetize through sponsorships and want to enable Tip Jar to collect tips from writers, click here to create a profile on Swapstack.

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