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Plug & Play Is Going Global!

Swapstack is a platform that enables independent publishers (for example, email newsletter writers who use tools like Substack) to monetize their newsletters through sponsorships, affiliate deals and tip-jars.

Plug & Play, by Swapstack is a unique product that provides publishers with pre-approved affiliate deals that they can run whenever they want, and get paid based on the number of conversions they drive. The product enables publishers across the globe to have immediate access to high-paying affiliate sponsorships, while also enabling advertisers to launch risk-free sponsorship programs.

For the past 6 months, Plug & Play was in Beta and only available to a subset of users in the US, but is now coming out of Beta and will be available to all Swapstack users around the world.

How it works: Advertisers apply to the Plug & Play program and offer a Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) deal that Swapstack will promote to the ~800 publishers on the platform. If approved, the advertisers’ Plug & Play deal will be made available to any publisher that meets the advertisers’ criteria.

The deals are presented to publishers as seen below. Publishers can run these deals by copying the suggested sponsorship creative & inserting it into their newsletters whenever they want. At the end of each month, the advertisers pay Swapstack based on the number of conversions driven, and Swapstack distributes payments to publishers.

The Plug & Play deal gallery is where publishers can browse and run available deals.

Built to fill all inventory, for all publishers: Plug & Play was built to enable publishers of any size to always fill their inventory. The smallest publisher to earn revenue with Plug & Play had a few hundred subscribers, while the largest had hundreds of thousands. No matter the size of your audience, you can use Plug & Play to fill your remnant inventory.

Many large publications, like 1440 Media and Morning Brew, have listed Plug & Play deals on Swapstack to drive more subscribers. For example, Morning Brew will pay another publisher $3.75 for every new Morning Brew subscriber that is driven to them through the Plug & Play deal, while brands like Malthus are paying $225 per conversion, per user.

The Assist, a newsletter for professional freelancers, ran Morning Brew’s Plug & Play deal.

Stats around Plug and Play Beta Launch:

  • The amount earned by Beta publishers:
  • $22,000+
  • Business value created by Plug & Play
  • Over $100k in transaction value through new customer acquisition has been driven by Plug & Play users.
  • Big players seeing growth:
  • Large publishers like Morning Brew and 1440 Media have grown their subscriber bases by 5000+ net new readers by listing Plug & Play deals on Swapstack
  • Amongst the brands that have been most successful in driving business results on Plug & Play:
  • Morning Brew: Thousands of new, high-quality readers of Morning Brew driven by Swapstack publishers.
  • Bright Cellars: Dozens of new monthly wine subscriptions driven to Bright Cellars.
  • Alts.co: Thousands of new members driven Alts alternative investing community.

Further Reading:

  1. Read the full case-study on Plug and Play. Listen to what our writers have to say about our in-house affiliate program.
  2. Read How To Monetize Your Newsletter Through Swapstack Plug and Play Deals for a complete guide.

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