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Newsletter Advertising 101: What makes a creator "easy to work with"?

In this post, we’ll talk through the aspects that makes a creator “easy to work with” for the brands.

This article is transcribed from our video interview with Justin Moore and Jake Schonberger, which can be found here.

[Q] Anangsha: What makes a creator “easy to work with”? What aspects are covered under this?

[A] Justin Moore: So there are three main ways as a creator for a brand to consider you easy to work with.

1. Being Responsive

Surprisingly tons of people are just bad at E-mail and oftentimes the brand needs to hear back from you ASAP to get the ball rolling on this campaign.

So, when you take several days to get back to them, you’re basically telling them that if they were to hire you every single time they e-mail you, they’re going to have to wait three to four days to hear back. And, that’s simply not going to cut it, right?

Well, you might say, “Well, yeah, but if I were hired on the campaign, I would be more timely”. But, they don’t know that!

The timeliness of your first communication is all they have to go off of. So you need to treat that moment with the gravity it deserves.

2. Be easy going with edits

Inevitably there is going to need to be changes made to whatever content you create for the brand, right?

It’s not in the right tone or the key messages weren’t adequately incorporated. A lot of creators put up a big fuss about this, and that is super shortsighted. Your goal should not be a one-off collaboration with this brand. You want to turn this into something long-term and the best way to do this is by illustrating to the brand that you’re not just a line item or a transaction.

3. Be a consultant and a strategist

Most creators are very focused on themselves and their platforms. And they don’t typically take the time to truly get to know the brand and understand their mission and what they’re trying to accomplish.

Oftentimes when you do that you can uncover insights that the brand maybe has never considered or be able to propose a new strategy that totally changes the game for them. How can you bring differentiated value to the brand that no one else is bringing?

[A] Jake Schonberger: So, I agree with everything Justin said, I have a couple things I would add. And, a lot of these kind of map back to the previous question.

Being easy to work with from a Brand perspective really just means that you provide everything they need to get to a “Yes”. And the yes meaning, “Yes, let’s work together”.

So, that means:

  1. Making sure the brand knows what kind of ROI they’re going to see
  2. Knows what the engagement is actually going to look like
  3. What an Ad looks like
  4. What the creator might need from the brand
  5. How a creator typically works with a brand

And then as a creator starts working with multiple brands, you’ll realize that most of the questions are pretty much the same.

So again, from my previous question, availability is what kind of character count, what kind of creative do they need? What does performance typically look like? You can kind of assume that most brands will ask and you can reduce friction upfront by providing all of that information to the Brand before they actually ask.

If you have all that information on hand, send it to the brand, they don’t have to send a follow up question or set up a meeting to talk about those things that you already know. And, it makes it very easy for a brand to decide, “Yes, let’s work together!” Or “No, this isn’t the right opportunity.”

Anangsha: Yeah, that definitely makes a lot of sense. We need to show our previous proof, the ROI of previous brands, and reduce friction as much as possible as Jake very valuably added to it.

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