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Newsletter Advertising 101: What is the best way to report results?

Let’s talk about how to report results after a sponsored collaboration with a brand and how to ensure that it turns into a long-term relationship.

This article is transcribed from our video interview with Justin Moore and Jake Schonberger, which can be found here.

[Q] Anangsha: What is the best way to report the results after a sponsored collaboration is complete?

[A] Justin Moore: The best way to report results is to align about what results are important at the beginning of the partnership. I mean, a lot of times the brands KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are totally different than what you thought they would be.

The easiest way to figure it out is to ask the brand, “What would success look like for you with this partnership?” And then, they’ll say something like, “Okay, X number of views” or, “Y number of opens or clicks”. Or, they may even say, “We just want to get the word out”, which can actually be kind of dangerous because how will they be able to determine whether things went well?

So you need to get specific, ask them what metrics they will be tracking so that you can make sure that you have access to those metrics too. That way, when the campaign is over, you can go back to them with data about why they should continue partnering with you.

[A] Jake Schonberger: A couple of thoughts are I would build a format and stick to that format to deliver the results.

As you talk to brands about this specific ROI or KPIs that they’re trying to drive, use the same format and just adjust the numbers.

That’s kind of like a mechanical thing that just makes it a lot easier for creators to whip-out performance and not have to build a new deck or a new slide or a new email every time.

And then, use screenshots. Send a screenshot from your ESP (Email Service Provider), again from the newsletter perspective. If you have Google Analytics or any other analytics set up, use screenshots to show that the performance was good.

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