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How To Monetize Your Newsletter Through Swapstack Plug and Play Deals

What are Swapstack Plug and Play deals?

Never send a newsletter issue without a sponsor.” That’s the motto behind Swapstack’s Plug and Play feature.

At Swapstack, our mission is to enable more people like you to monetize your work efficiently and effectively.

Plug and Play deals are our in-house affiliate deals that are pre-approved by Brands for Swapstack writers. Feature a Plug & Play sponsor on your newsletter, and get paid for any conversions you drive them.

If you’re a newsletter writer, you can run these ads anytime you’d like, meaning you never have to send a newsletter issue without a sponsor.

A few benefits of running Plug and Play deals:

  1. Set up in seconds: These are pre-approved by brands so you don’t have to do any outreach to run a sponsorship.
  2. Always have a sponsor: These deals are especially useful when you’re just starting out and want to understand your audience’s interests. Whether you have 100 subscribers or 100k subscribers, you don’t have to worry about not having a sponsor when you’re ready to monetize your newsletter.
  3. Fill your ad inventory: Fill up your ad inventory and never send a newsletter issue without a sponsor. We’ve seen writers running these deals as their main sponsor and also filling up the ‘Classified’ section of their newsletter.

How much one can potentially earn running these deals:

Let’s say you have a newsletter of 5,000 subscribers and you want to run one Plug and Play deal that rewards you $5 per conversion.

Assuming at least 1% of your list converts (i.e, 50 subscribers), then you’d potentially earn $250 (50 x $5) any time you run the deal in your newsletter.

How to access Plug and Play deals:

Follow this step-by-step process to find relevant Plug and Play deals for your audience:

1. Go to your Swapstack Dashboard

2. Click on the ‘Plug and Play’ tab on the left

3. Get access to all the deals on this tab

This is where you can browse all the deals and find one or more relevant brands that suit your readers.

Sign-up today to access these deals and reveal the cost per conversion.

Currently, there are 20+ LIVE affiliate deals and they range from $5 to $300 per conversion. So far, writers have earned $20,000+ running these deals in their newsletters! These numbers just keep growing. 🙂

Now, let’s select one deal and learn how to run it:

Here, I’m selecting Morning Brew for my newsletter and looks like I’ll earn $3.75 for every conversion I drive them.

4. Click on “Run Deal” to access more info about Morning Brew’s affiliate deal

5. Click on “I want to run this deal”

If you think this might be a best fit for your audience, go ahead and click on “I want to run this deal” to access Creative Assets and your personalized UTM Link.

6. Build your sponsorship

Click on the highlighted “creative assets” link to access Ad copy and Ad Images of different sizes.

Click on “Copy personalized link” as shown below and make sure you use this while running the ad on your newsletter. This will help advertisers track the conversions you’re bringing to their product or service.

And, that’s it! Now you’ve to just copy-paste the link on your newsletter to run the deal.

Want to see some examples in the wild? Read on.

How to successfully run a Plug and Play deal:

Few tips to run a successful campaign with a Plug and Play deal:

  1. Most advertisers encourage writers to personalize the Ad copy and creatives they provide to increase conversions. Make sure to utilize this freedom and structure your copy using your own voice.
  2. If you’re running deals that are most aligned with your audience, try and include it as native content rather than sponsored. This will drive more conversions and will look like you’re not “selling” something but, in fact, providing “value” to your readers.
  3. If your “Classifieds” section of the newsletter is not filled, Plug and Play deals would be perfect to fill your ad inventory. Make sure to craft the copy in a way that’s conversion oriented.

A Few examples of how a Plug and Play deal actually looks like in the real world:

  1. A Plug and Play deal of Swapstack by Swapstack on The Premoney List (our co-founder’s newsletter). So meta!
  1. The Assist and The Daily Coach newsletters have earned $2,000+ running Morning Brew’s deal alone. See the examples below on how they personalize the ad copy for their readers.

How and when will I get paid for running a Plug and Play deal?

Getting paid for a Plug and Play deal is pretty straightforward:

  • For every conversion you bring for a brand or a publisher’s deal, you’ll get paid.
  • At the beginning of every month, advertisers report the results from the previous month. We’ll notify you by email when this happens, and you can always see the latest information in your Swapstack dashboard.
  • We’ll transfer the funds directly to your Stripe account as soon as the advertiser’s payment is received.

Tips and Takeaways:

  • Plug and Play deals allow you to monetize your newsletter in more than one way. They’re pre-approved so you don’t have to “pitch” any advertiser. You can run them anytime on your newsletter.
  • Running the deals more than once is highly recommended as it increases the number of conversions you bring for the brands.
  • Advertisers encourage writers to modify the provided creative copy. Utilize the freedom and structure your copy using your own voice.
  • Fill your ad inventory by running Plug and Play deals and never send a newsletter issue without a sponsor.

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