Grow faster with affiliate deals on Swapstack

We're continuing to build more and more performance-based marketing tools to enable you to grow your business without the risk of wasted media.

🤩 Introducing, Swapstack Affiliates

We've rebranded Plug & Play to "Affiliate Deals!"

Affiliates lets you take your existing affiliate program, and seamlessly extend that program to Swapstack's network of 1000+ publishers.

If you want to reach 50M+ more weekly readers, set up your affiliate deal now.

Set up an affiliate deal

🎯 Easy onboarding

We'll walk you through onboarding and make sure you're set up properly. We can support most of the major affiliate platforms, so you don't need to learn any new technology.

🎁 Drive efficient conversions and impressions.

Once you're live, you'll see real time stats on how many impression, clicks and conversions have been driven by our network.

If you ever want to connect directly with a publisher who is driving you tons of results, you can always connect with them in the Swapstack marketplace.

Happy Affiliate-ing!

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