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🤩 Introducing, Swapstack Affiliates

We've rebranded Plug & Play to "Affiliate Deals!"

Affiliate deals are pre-approved ads that you can run whenever, wherever. You'll never have to send a newsletter without an ad ever again, and you'll get paid based on the conversions you drive.

Publishers have made $100k+ on these affiliate deals, and are just getting started.

Run an affiliate deal

🎯 Better, faster tracking and reporting

We've spoken with some of you about improving the process and timing of our current affiliate deals. We're aware that the current system needs improvement, and we're working on it!

You'll start to notice that more and more Swapstack Affiliate deals will be "Automated Reporting" deals. We are integrating into conversion measurement platforms that our brand partners use, and will be able to, in real(ish) time, share data about your conversions.

🎁 Many more deals coming this month

In addition to faster tracking and reporting, we're aiming to launch 50+ more deals on the platform in the next month. Keep your eyes pealed and happy monetizing!

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