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Start monetizing your newsletter, blog, or other content in minutes. Use Swapstack to collect tips from your supporters, run high value affiliate deals or sell flat-rate ad units to advertisers.

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Create direct relationships with hundreds of advertisers and sell sponsorships on a flat rate basis.

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Pre-Approved Affiliates

Fill all of your ad inventory with pre approved affiliate deals. Never send your newsletter without a sponsor again.

Example Tip Jar

Tip Jar

Your readers are your biggest fans! Give them a way to support you using a lightweight tip jar.

Connect directly with advertisers


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Create your ad units & go live

List your ad inventory and set your own prices. When you go live, advertisers will be able to reach out to purchase your units.

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Send and receive introduction requests

Request introductions to 100s of advertisers in our marketplace. We’ll connect you directly with advertisers who are ready to  sponsor your newsletter.

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Invoice and collect payments

Use our simple invoice tool to collect payments, paid directly to your Stripe account.

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Instantly run pre-approved affiliate deals


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Browse pre-approved deals

Choose from dozens of high payout affiliate deals available for you to run anytime. Get paid for clicks and conversions you drive.

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1-click creative

With one click, copy and paste the sponsorships into your publication.

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Get paid!

At the end of the month, we’ll pay you directly for any conversions you drove.

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Let your readers support you!

Tip jar

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Link to your Tip Jar

Place a link to your tip jar iIn your newsletter, blog or website.

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Ask for support

Your readers love you, let them know they can provide support through tips & donations.

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Watch the support roll in

You’d be surprised how many of your readers are willing to support you!

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As a publishers, Swapstack can help you take your creator business to the next level.As an advertiser, Swapstack expands your growth channels and drives efficient conversions.

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