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Grow your business with scalable newsletter sponsorships. Build bulk campaigns, affiliate deals and direct relationships with publishers.

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Pay Per Click

Scale your sponsorship process without all of the back and forth. Create a campaign, invite publishers, set your CPC and Click Caps and let te platform do the rest.

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Affiliate Deals

Extend your affiliate program to our network of 100’s of publishers. List your affiliate deal and we'll promote the deal to the right publishers to drive scale, awareness and efficient conversions.

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1:1 Relationships

Work directly with specific publishers on a 1:1 basis using our Marketplace. Build long-term relationships, negotiate terms and keep track of all sponsorships in one place.

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Sponsorships, at scale

Pay Per Click

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Create a campaign

Build an ad, choose publishers and set a Cost Per Click and Click Cap.

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Watch results roll in

We'll make sure the right publishers run your ad and drive high quality traffic.

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Only pay for value created

Pay per unique click up to the Cap that you set, nothing more!

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Affiliate deals, at scale


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Apply to list your affiliate deal

Connect your existing affiliate program to expand your reach to the Swapstack network.

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Promote your deal to publishers

We’ll ensure your deal gets in front of the right publishers, and provide you tools to expand your reach.

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Drive efficient results

Drive down your CAC by only paying for conversions driven by publishers.

Supported Affiliate Networks
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Communicate with publishers

1:1 Relationships

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Identify publishers you want to work with.

Use the Newsletter Gallery to identify publishers you want to build direct relationships with.

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Send and receive intro requests

Connect directly with publishers on a 1:1 basis and negotiate long term relationships.

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Transact on platform

All conversations, I/Os and invoices are organized on the platform, in one simple place.

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