Top 5 Education Newsletters You Should Check Out

1. The Hechinger Report - Weekly Update

Written by The Hechinger Report Team

  • Newsletter Description: Covering Innovation & Inequality in Education
  • Subscriber Count: 40000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Education, News, Parenting

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2. Education Slice

Written by Education Slice Team

  • Newsletter Description: Education intelligence to lead, innovate & grow
  • Subscriber Count: 28000
  • Cadence: Daily or close to daily
  • Topics Covered: Education

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3. Feminism for Breakfast

Written by Feminism for Breakfast Team

  • Newsletter Description: A leading educational newsletter for passionate people who want to support and uplift women and women-owned businesses.
  • Subscriber Count: 5000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Education, Business

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4. Intern From Home

Written by Intern From Home Team

  • Newsletter Description: Recognized by major international media, Intern From Home produces thought-leading educational content that helps high school and college students navigate the recruiting and professional development process, from using LinkedIn to handling interviews to making the most of an internship.
  • Subscriber Count: 4157
  • Cadence: Daily or close to daily
  • Topics Covered: Business, Education, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Parenting

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5. EDU Fellowship

Written by EDU Fellowship Team

  • Newsletter Description: A community for learning, training, and education professionals
  • Subscriber Count: 3200
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Education, Future of work, Human Resources

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