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Sponsor bundles of newsletters in one go, with Swapstack campaigns

What are Swapstack Campaigns?

Campaigns enable scaled, direct newsletter sponsorships without all of the back and forth! We’ve built a product on top of our 700+ newsletter users that enables you to pitch, approve and sponsor bundles of newsletters at once. No more email back and forth, and no more resorting to low-value programmatic solutions for scale. Swapstack Campaigns is the best of both worlds.

Who can you reach?

  • 700+ Publishers
  • 30M+ Weekly Readers
  • 3% Average CTRs

Swapstack Newsletter Campaigns

Why Build Campaigns?

In 2021, we drove just about $600k in GMV over our newsletter marketplace. Brands and publishers would connect directly over email, hash out a sponsorship, then run the ad, and transact over the platform.

It takes time: Each of these engagements took, on average, 5 emails before the sponsorship went live. Many email threads fell off in the middle, and value was left on the table. We wanted to make this process easier, so we talked to our advertising partners. Here’s what we learned:

  1. Time doesn’t scale
  2. If an advertiser wanted to sponsor 10 newsletters, they have to have 10 email exchanges. That’s almost 50 emails just to run 10 sponsorships!
  3. After running a couple of these, despite good results, advertisers didn’t want to spend the time doing the same things over and over.
  4. Repetition
  5. Those 10 email exchanges were without fail, always confirming the same details:
  6. Inventory
  7. Cost
  8. Data Confirmation
  9. Creative Needs

We realized that if we built a process for brands to collect this repetitive information more scalable, we’d reduce the time needed to activate campaigns by days (yes, days!) and thus, improve the potential for value creation.

Why are Swapstack Campaigns an amazing tool for advertisers?

We’ve met dozens of brands who want to scale their newsletter advertising practice, but can’t due to the time intensity of the process.

  1. Time: Set up a campaign in less than 5 minutes, with dozens of newsletters.
  2. Direct Performance: Swapstack campaigns are not programmatic, they are native, note adept and appropriately content adjacent. AKA - they work.
  3. Easy to manage: All creative reviews, approvals, payments, and reporting happen directly on the platform. Export your data afterwards if you want to incorporate it into your own models.

Newsletter Marketing Performance:

In the past, we have shown how Newsletter marketing drives efficient results compared to other channels. Now, reducing the time to set up these sponsorships with Campaigns further improves that value.

Few important data points to understand the impact Newsletter Marketing creates for brands:

How Swapstack Campaigns Work:

  1. Create a Swapstack Account & set up a meeting with the team.
  2. Our Calendly
  3. Set up your campaign
  4. Identify a list of publishers to sponsor
  5. Choose a date range to run your campaign
  6. Fill out a creative brief
  7. Kick off the campaign
  8. Invite: Publishers will be invited to apply to the campaign.
  9. Approve: Advertisers have a chance to do a final approval before locking in inventory.
  10. Creative Review [optional]: If desired, brands can approve creative and provide feedback prior to ads running.
  11. Reporting: Brands can provide UTMs to track results, and publishers will report results from their ESP via the platform.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Campaigns reduce the back-and-forth emails and the time needed to activate newsletter sponsorships.
  2. Swapstack campaigns are not programmatic. They are native and you don’t have to resort to low-value programmatic solutions for scaling your brand.

Sign-up today as an advertiser and set up a campaign on Swapstack in less than 5 minutes, with dozens of newsletters.

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