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Hundreds of relationships are created between advertisers and newsletter publishers on Swapstack each month. Our goal is to help create the higher ROI relatioships - not just "more."

Until now we didn't have a process for submitting qualitative reviews on how those relationships went. We launched simple, but powerful reviews on the Swapstack platform to help identify the best potential partners for your business (and weed out bad actors ;-) ).

👍👎 Simple thumbs up / down review system.

🔎 Will enhance data-informed search and matching

📈 Better matching = better results.

How reviews work:

Once you have a relationship with an advertiser or publisher, you'll see a "Leave Review" button on the bottom of the chat box. Click that button to leave a review for the partner.

You'll have the option to provide a thumbs up or down review, along with comments.

Once filled out - Submit the review and we'll aggregate the results. But don't worry, none of your reviews will be shared publicly!

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