Per click campaigns

A big product development cycle for us this week. A

Performance-based media: monetize and grow more efficiently

Over the past few months, Swapstack has been converting the majority of our products to performance-based media. As an advertiser, we want you to know you're paying only when Swapstack drives value, and as a publisher, we want you to have more control and transparency into how, and how much you're earning.

Amongst other updates, our big launch this week is a new monetization model, called Per Click Campaigns.

Introducing...Per Click Campaigns: 

TLDR on how it works:

- As an advertiser: Define what Cost Per Unique Click you're willing to pay, choose the publishers you'd like to sponsor, and set Click Caps per publisher. Only pay for clicks driven, never pay more than the cap you set.

- As a publisher: Get invited to an Earn Per Click campaign. Accept the invite, and you're good to go. Copy the suggested creative, copy and link, and run the ad whenever you'd like during the alloted time. Get paid per unique click up to the cap!

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A deeper dive:

[Advertisers] NEW! CPC Campaigns

Offer a per-click payout with monthly caps.


Set up a new campaign on your Campaigns Dashboard, and select "Per-Click" to get started:

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[Publishers] NEW! Per-Click Offers

Drive clicks, get paid! Once you've been invited to a per-click campaign, you'll see a new option in your sidebar menu.

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[Both] Plug & Play is now "Affiliate Deals"

The old name was cute(ish) but it was confusing and users were ignoring it. So we got un-creative and renamed it something more descriptive.

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[Advertisers] Share your Affiliate Deal

Advertisers can now share their Affiliate Deal externally. Just click to copy and paste into an email, a twitter, or on your website...

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[Both] Re-Open 1:1 Timed Out Relationships

Missed an invitation to connect? Reopen it here:

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[Both] Review Collaborators

You can now post a simple, anonymous thumbs-up / thumbs-down review after you've run a deal in a 1:1 Relationship.

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[Advertisers] Design updates on the Campaign Dashboard

Everything campaign-related lived on one cluttered page, before. Now, have three separate views:

  • Your campaigns list & the campaign builder
  • A dedicated "Campaign Overview" screen for viewing the details of an individual campaign
  • Your campaign tables, where you view the progress of an individual campaign
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Updates elsewhere in the platform...

  • Affiliates
  • [Publishers] - Updated the weekly "featured deals" email to include links and descriptions about each advertiser
  • 1:1 Relationships
  • [Both] - Small design updates to the chat window for a cleaner experience for users
  • Affiliates
  • [Advertisers] - Tweaks to the 'invite only' flow
  • General
  • [Both] - Speed upgrades on page load
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What should we be working on?

The projects we tackle are a direct result of the feedback we receive from our users. Tell us what you'd like to see improve about Swapstack here:

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