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Newsletter Ad Units 101

There are many ways that writers integrate ads into their newsletters. We see writers get very creative to ensure their readers get the best experience from their ads. Below we outlined three general types of ad units that you can use the base your approach off of.

The Basics

There are three basic types of ad units:

  • Classified or Sponsored BY
  • Shout outs
  • Takeover or Deep Dive

Classified or Sponsored by

Typically the shortest type of ad-unit, used to quickly call out a brand, partner or other story. Click Through Rates (CTRs) on these are typically low as well.

**Word count: ~**50 words or fewer

Call to action: Single link

Images: No image or logo (if less words).

Shout Out

A shout-out is the most common type of ad, and can drive huge value if written in your words, and positioned high in your newsletter.

Word count: ~150-250

Call to action: Single or multiple links or buttons

Images: Single image or logo

Deep Dive

A deep dive can be hugely valuable to the brand in question, and if the brand is well aligned to your content & readership, your readers might love it. Typically a deep-dive is the center of a given newsletter.

Word count: ~500-1500

Call to action: Many links or buttons

Images: Multiple images

Still don’t know where to start? Shoot us a note ( and we’ll help talk through it!

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