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How to build a Cost Per Click Campaign

Introducing: Pay-Per-Click Sponsorships – at Scale.

Sponsor thousands of publishers at once, only pay for the performance you see.

Pay for performance, not just eyeballs!

Pay Per Click Campaigns enable advertisers to sponsor multiple newsletters at the same time, while only paying for the unique clicks that publishers generate from their audience.

This means time saved, risk averted and maximum return on investment without having to worry about the guess-work in how well a newsletter performs or concerns with audience engagement.

Publishers are provided everything they need to run the CPC offer as many times as they like up to a predefined click cap and budget. This results in an advertiser having multiple placements in a given newsletter while only paying for the performance they see.

What’s more, Swapstack’s tech handles all of the heavy work in delivering creatives, metrics and the communication process, allowing for maximum automation in sponsorships while retaining the native-style placements that make newsletter marketing unique.

What does this mean for you? Sponsorships at scale, with time left-over for a cup of tea. 

Here’s how it works:

Create a campaign

Head to the Campaigns Tab on the left side of your dashboard:

  1. Click Create New Campaign -> Per Click
  2. Set a name, date range and payout defaults. 
  3. Head to the  newsletter gallery to choose publishers to invite.

Invite Publishers 

Once your campaign is set up and you’ve chosen publishers, head back to the campaigns tab to finalize & invite.

  1. Adjust your Cost Per Click & monthly spend per publisher
  2. Confirm your UTMs / tracking links.
  3. Invite publishers!

Hit the invite button to kick off the campaign. As the campaign runs, you'll be able to add new publishers at any time up until the last week of the campaign.

Still have questions? Drop us a line or strategise with us live here.

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