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How Tal&Dev Saw A 30% Increase in On-Site Conversions Through Newsletter Advertising on Swapstack

Tal&Dev is a global platform designed to help people succeed in their careers and enable employers to be the right home for the talent they need. Founded by Michele Volpi, the Tal&Dev team has a passion for talent development, mentoring, and changing the Future of Work.

When a user enrolls on the platform, they have to answer a series of questions in the Tal&Dev assessments. This lets them understand their unique skills and decipher what career path would suit them the best.

Then, they can leverage countless resources on the platform, including live coaching and mentoring, to upskill themselves and boost their career. This can be a powerful way to stay on track and focus on their pre-defined career vision.

The users can then showcase their progress and highlight these reports on their profile to get matched with a suitable employer who’s looking for a profile exactly like theirs.

Thus, Tal&Dev creates a healthy, competitive space for employees to live to their full potential, and for employers to find exactly the kind of honest, driven talent they are looking to hire.

Tal & Dev’s Innovative Approach to Marketing

The Tal & Dev team has been super innovative in utilizing newsletter marketing as a main growth channel for their business. As the data reveals, advertising on email newsletters with a relevant and highly-engaged audience has proved to be one of the most effective ways of reaching new users.

Swapstack’s premier newsletter advertising marketplace gives them a chance to explore partnering with newsletter creators and grow their user-base substantially.

This article takes a look at the performance metrics that drove Tal&Dev’s success. It also discusses how brands can leverage newsletter advertising to grow their audience and build trust among users all over the world.

How Newsletter Advertising Worked Wonders for Tal&Dev

Tal & Dev has worked with many newsletters on Swapstack. Their goal has been to drive more people to sign up for their service. Here are some stats that drive home how effective targeted newsletter advertising can be if done right:

30% increase in on-site conversions

Tal & Dev saw a major uplift in growth through targeted newsletter advertising on Swapstack. This contributed to increasing on-site sign-ups by 30%.

According to the Tal&Dev team, this was “one of the most efficient uses of our marketing budget on a cost per conversion level.”

50x more efficiency

The team found that newsletters sourced through Swapstack were up to 50x more efficient in driving conversions than previous collaborations they had sourced elsewhere.

The Innovative Strategy That Worked Wonders

Since the Tal&Dev platform offers a very intimate service of career development, the whole user journey is built on trust.

This is tailor-made for newsletter advertising, where users feel an authentic connection to the newsletter writer.

Leveraging the audience of such close-knit newsletter communities allowed Tal&Dev to increase their chances of tipping into relevant communities where they can offer their service.

The three prongs of their approach that led to such incredible results are:

1. Multiple Ad runs with the same newsletter

The most efficient part about newsletter advertising on Swapstack is that it allows brands to easily and quickly measure whether they are connecting with users or not.

Based on the results, they can adjust their tone and offer accordingly to drive more conversions.

2. Personalized value proposition

Through newsletter advertising on Swapstack, the Tal&Dev team built native content especially suited to the readers of the specific newsletters.

This provided context for the readers to land on their value proposition. This is an interesting marketing aspect they weren’t necessarily able to do through other advertising mediums.

3. Choosing the right newsletters

Since Swapstack has 600+ awesome newsletters listed on their platform, choosing the right one to work with can be the most important factor for reaching the right audience as per the brand’s target.

Here are some factors that Tal&Dev considered while choosing which newsletter to work with:

  • The visions of the newsletter had to align with Tal&Dev’s goals of future of work and personal development.
  • The Tal&Dev team probed quite deeply for the connection that the writer has with their audience. This was achieved by looking at the performance reports of past editions, how the writers priced ad units on their newsletters, and other sponsors used in the newsletter.
  • Demographics also played a key role. Tal&Dev tried to go deep as possible to see the general demographic makeup of the audience relative to the type of careers they are in.

All these factors combined with the amazing newsletters available on Swapstack did the trick, and the magic results are there for everyone to witness.

If you have a product or service that needs marketing, why not try Swapstack and experience these amazing conversion rates for yourself? Newsletter advertising is still a very new area in the world of marketing and advertising. If Tal&Dev’s shining success story is any indication, every brand should try it right away.

Head over to Swapstack today, choose a newsletter that best aligns with your brand’s vision, and start creating the magic for yourself!

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