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How On Deck Cut Their Cost-Per-Acquisition By 50% Through Newsletter Marketing

Where Swapstack really wins out is the convenience of sponsoring several newsletters without having to individually hunt them down and build relationships with each one.

— Udit, Growth Marketer at On Deck


On Deck is where the world’s top talent comes to connect.

Whether you’re a tech professional or a founder or someone with no experience in coding, you can accelerate your career growth alongside a network of peers. On Decks’ ever-growing community and action-oriented programming will help you launch your next amazing start-up or work for one!

On Deck fellows founded 650+ companies and raised over $800m from incredible investors in the past 18 months alone. In fact, the founders of Swapstack actually met through an On Deck program and received funding from the ODX program.

On Deck has been coming back, again and again, to run newsletter sponsorships through Swapstack. They’ve seen newsletter marketing as a tried-and-true way to increase application volume for their various fellowships.

If you’re a marketer, sign-up to Swapstack today as an advertiser and set up a campaign in less than 5 minutes, with dozens of newsletters. Or, set up a time with our Swapstack team so we can guide you through the process.

How Newsletter Advertising Worked for On Deck

So far, On Deck ran over 10+ highly successful newsletter campaigns (for example: Stacked Marketer, Quastor, and similar newsletters) that brought in high-quality applicants for their new programs.

An honest look at the CPA compared to other marketing channels

According to On Deck:

It’s definitely more efficient than other paid marketing channels like LinkedIn or Google.

Cost per application from a successful Swapstack sponsorship is about half of our average CPA.

When we run a newsletter campaign that fits the right kind of audience, it brings in really high number of quality applicants which in turn helps On Deck’s community and vision.

Like all marketing, newsletter sponsorships are a channel that takes time to optimize.

On Deck runs sponsorships with multiple newsletters, and doubles down on the ones that work well. Rinse and repeat this process, and On Deck has found publishers that cut their CPA (acquiring new, highly qualified applicants) by 50%.

3 Tips From On Deck To Increase Conversion Rate Through Newsletter Advertising

  1. Experiment with several newsletters: Try to experiment with several newsletters to reach your target audience. An interesting insight here is that large audiences don’t always equal more traction. A smaller, targeted newsletter often performs orders of magnitude better than a general one with a huge audience.
  2. Building relationships with writers: On Deck chose to sponsor Stacked Marketer and Quastor multiple times because of the strong fit their audience has with On Deck’s target audience. They’ve both consistently driven high-quality applicants to On Deck which is a great fit for what they’re looking for.
  3. Utilizing Swapstack’s Managed Campaigns: Swapstack really saves On Deck tons of time through managed campaigns. At this point, On Deck can sponsor several newsletters without having to individually hunt them down and build relationships with each one.

If you have a product or service that needs marketing, try newsletter advertising through Swapstack and experience these amazing conversion rates for yourself.

Head over to Swapstack today, choose a newsletter that best aligns with your brand’s vision, and start creating the magic for yourself!

P.S: We also recently launched Swapstack Campaigns where you can sponsor bundles of newsletters in one go, without any back and forth! Ready to scale your newsletter sponsorships program? Set up a time with the Swapstack team.

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