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How Alts Drove Thousands Of High-value Conversions Through Newsletter Advertising On Swapstack


Alts is a community & publication that helps you discover and invest in the best alternative assets. As of May 2022, around 50,000+ investors receive Alts daily in their inboxes to explore unique investment ideas. Alts utilized Swapstack to increase their community members & newsletter subscribers through highly efficient newsletter marketing.

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How Newsletter Advertising Worked Wonders for Alts

So far, Alts has run 31 successful newsletter campaigns! Their goal was not just about driving new subscribers but also about acquiring highly engaged subscribers with high retention rates. Since joining Swapstack a few months ago, Alts has driven 3,750 high-value conversions through newsletter advertising.

An honest look at the CPA compared to other marketing channels

According to the Founder of Alts, Stefan von Imhof:

We spent $43,000 to get about 3,750 conversions, for a CPA of about $12. This is less expensive than advertising on YouTube. The quality of subscribers is MUCH higher through Swapstack compared to traditionally more efficient media like Facebook or Google.

We consistently drove high-intent, reliable, and predictable conversions through newsletter advertising.”

What worked for Alts?

1. Social Proof:

One of the most important things that worked for Alts, when approaching newsletter advertising, was highlighting their social proof through their Ad Copy and on their landing page. Giving the reader a little bit of FOMO always works wonders to drive a conversion.

2. Frequency Matters:

Like all other forms of media, it’s hard to drive conversions after getting in front of someone one single time. Running multiple sponsorships with the same newsletters allows you to get in front of readers more than once, educate them on your offering, and ultimately drive conversions.

Alts worked with newsletters like ‘Android Intelligence’ and ‘Refind’ multiple times. This enabled them to reach their ideal audience and build long-term relationships with newsletter publishers as well as drive high-quality conversions.

3. Plug and Play Affiliates:

Swapstack Plug and Play affiliate deal

Plug and Play is Swapstack’s in-house affiliate deal program that’s tailored for newsletter publishers and advertisers. When an advertiser enables a Plug and Play deal, they ONLY pay for the conversions newsletter publishers drive. This leads to extremely efficient, hands-off growth that can complement larger, more direct campaigns.

Using Plug & Play, Alts drove 594 efficient conversions. This helped them drive down their acquisition cost and complement their larger direct buys.

If you have a product or service that needs marketing, try newsletter advertising through Swapstack and experience these amazing conversion rates for yourself.

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P.S: We also recently launched Swapstack Campaigns where you can sponsor bundles of newsletters in one go, without any back and forth!

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