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How 1440 Media Drove 15,000+ New Subscribers Through Newsletter Advertising on Swapstack

The 1440 Daily Digest is a free, ad-supported email newsletter that relies on research and fact-based reporting to summarize the day’s events around the world. With over 1 million subscribers, 1440 is backed by investors and expects to see more than $5 million in revenue this year.

Co-founder Pierre Lipton believes that one of the most effective ways of reaching new subscribers is by advertising on other newsletters with a relevant and highly-engaged audience. Swapstack’s premier newsletter advertising marketplace gives them a chance to explore partnering with other newsletter creators and grow their audience substantially.

1440 was one of Swapstack’s earliest adopters, and over the course of the last few months, they had a highly successful run on the platform, resulting in a 66% higher conversion rate than all other social media platforms combined.

This article takes a look at the metrics that drove 1440’s success and how brands can leverage newsletter advertising to grow their audience and build trust among users all over the world.

1440’s Success on Swaptack

1440 has worked on 14 successful collaborations with newsletter creators on Swapstack, and the results so far have been incredible. Here are some stats that drive home how effective targeted newsletter advertising can be, if done right:

  • 16k new subscribers: Swapstack drove 1440 16,000 new subscribers across their different newsletter campaigns.
  • 17% lower CPA: The average cost per acquisition (CPA) on Swapstack was 17% lower than 1440’s average CPA on other mediums
  • 66% increase in conversion rate: compared to all other platforms
  • 5% higher LTV: To top it off, the customers driven by Swapstack campaigns tended to be stickier, and higher value than others.

Overall, the results of the newsletter marketing have been incredible, making 1440 keep coming back to Swapstack for more sponsorships.

Key Takeaways For Brands

So, what makes newsletter advertising so effective?

A creator builds their newsletter audience over time — developing their niche, finding their audience, and constantly providing value so they can maintain an engaged community of loyal readers. When a brand’s target audience matches with the niche of the newsletter, they are effectively leveraging the power of a community that was built over time and with consistent effort. This makes it much more targeted than an ad on social media. Platform algorithm and AI can rarely match the effectiveness a highly targeted newsletter audience promises.

Most people just scroll through social media, whereas they read newsletters. This means the audience is dedicated to reading the newsletter, and there are higher chances of the shout-out being noticed by the target audience.

A newsletter lands straight in the inboxes of the readers. Most people check their email in the morning as it takes the least effort compared to other social media channels. A well-placed ad can actually prompt a customer to make their first purchasing decision of the day even before they have their morning cup of coffee!

All in all, newsletter advertising is an incredibly powerful way for brands to reach a super targeted, niche audience. Swapstack is making this accessible, with hundreds of creators forming relationships with brands each day.

If you have a product that needs marketing, why not try Swpstack and experience this magic for yourself? Newsletter advertising is still a very new area in the world of marketing and advertising. If 1440’s shining success story is any indication, every brand should try it right away!

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