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Discussing Sponsorships with The Founder of The Gist Newsletter

Discussing Sponsorships with The Founder of The Gist Newsletter

Welcome to a new issue of Swapstack newsletter Founder Stories, where we connect with and share the origin stories of hot, up and coming newsletters in all different industries. Each issue of this series will consist of a deep dive into a different newsletter, and give you insight into how they launched, grew, and sustained their growth. Of course, we’ll also touch upon sponsorships and monetization strategies as well 💰. Let’s get to it!

Today’s publication:

Name: The Gist By Finny

Published by: Finny

Current Sub count & open rate: 72K subs / 30% avg. open rate

Topics covered:  Education, Finance & Investing

1-line description: The Gist is a personal finance newsletter that goes out twice a week on relevant money and market related topics.

Some Background On The Gist By Finny

Finny is a game-based financial education & learning platform. Think Duolingo but for financial education.

Shortly after launching Finny, our members asked us for “our take” on money, finance, and investing trends happening in the world today, and so The Gist by Finny was born in 2021. 

Our goal is to make understanding and learning about money & personal finances super easy and accessible to as many people as possible.

The Gist By Finny’s Take On Sponsorships

Q: How do newsletter sponsorships add value to your readers?

Our sponsors give our readers/users access to relevant product ideas that we think are pretty neat. It’s not an official endorsement but an unofficial one, and that matters to our user base.

Also, since we are a game-based platform, revenue earned from sponsorships goes right back to our users who are learning on our platform and earning rewards (gift cards).

Q: For advertisers, what strategies have you seen work best when running sponsorships in your newsletter?

The key to getting high engagement from our newsletter sponsorships is to get hands-on with designing the ad. Since advertisers have a clear idea of what they want to offer and feature, where we can add value is to make sure the ad blends in.

That not only means that the ad copy is written in our tone, but we also align the newsletter content with the advertiser’s offering. For example, say our sponsor of the day is a home insurance company. 

What we want to do is select content so that we’re talking about things that are relevant, like ‘should you rent versus buy,’ or ‘you’re probably underinsured on your home, here’s why.’

Q: Are there certain verticals or types of advertisers that you see work best with your audience?

Generally, fintech and financial offerings do well, but the more educational the angle, the better the advertiser will perform. Other newsletters (other finance-focused and personal development/growth) and content providers perform well too.

Q: Any recent highlights about Finny that our advertisers should know?

If you’re an advertiser, mention this newsletter when you reach out to us at or and we’ll give you a 10% discount!

💡 1 Tip to make the best out of newsletter advertising:

Plug and Play is Swapstack’s in-house affiliate deal program that’s tailored for newsletter publishers and advertisers. When an advertiser enables a Plug and Play deal, they ONLY pay for the conversions newsletter publishers drive. This leads to extremely efficient, hands-off growth that can complement larger, more direct campaigns. 

Using Plug & Play, Alts drove 594 efficient conversions. This helped them drive down their acquisition cost and complement their larger direct buys.

Read how Alts drove thousands of high-value conversions through Newsletter Advertising on Swapstack.

Want to Work with The Gist By Finny? Find them on Swapstack.

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