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Discussing Sponsorships with The Founder of The Average Joe Newsletter

Discussing Sponsorships with The Founder of The Average Joe Newsletter

Welcome to a new issue of Swapstack newsletter Founder Stories, where we connect with and share the origin stories of hot, up and coming newsletters in all different industries. Each issue of this series will consist of a deep dive into a different newsletter, and give you insight into how they launched, grew, and sustained their growth. Of course, we’ll also touch upon sponsorships and monetization strategies as well 💰. Let’s get to it!

Today’s publication:

Name: The Average Joe

Published by: Victor Lei

Current Sub count & open rate: 35k subs / 45% avg. open rate

Topics covered: Business, Finance & Investing

1-line description: The Average Joe helps you make better investing decisions with market trends, news and analysis.

Some Background On The Average Joe:

The Average Joe was created out of our founder’s love for investing and a void in the market – a way for the retail investor to stay up to date with the equities and crypto markets – but engaging enough to keep them interested long-term.

Retail investors didn’t need all the extra and unrelated information in existing financial publications. The information also needed to be simple enough for them to understand and stay engaged. The Average Joe fills that void.

Our long-term goal is to create the most engaging, concise, and informational financial newsletter, ever.

The Average Joe’s Take on Sponsorships

Q: How do newsletter sponsorships add value to your readers?

Many of our advertisers offer products that help our readers achieve their three main goals for reading the newsletter:

  1. Discovering new investment opportunities
  2. Staying up to date with the markets, and
  3. Managing their existing portfolios.

Our in-house written ads blend really well with our content and feel as if we’re speaking directly to our audience and giving them our product recommendations.

Q: For advertisers, what strategies have you seen work best when running sponsorships in your newsletter?

We find that our ads perform the best when our team writes the copy. We tailor the copy to our voice, which blends the ad in with the newsletter more organically, and we write in the context of current market conditions to draw more interest to the ad. The most important thing is having a strong headline and intro to hook the reader in – which we help our advertisers with.

Q: Share your thoughts on why advertisers should consider newsletter advertising?

Unlike other forms of advertising (i.e. social, site placements, etc) our copy is long enough to allow our partners to share their story or their product in detail with our readers. Those that click into the ad are high-intent and many of our advertisers see strong conversion rates post-click.

We have strong loyalty and trust among our readers — which has been carefully built over hundreds of emails sent to them. Many of our readers rely on us as their go-to source for financial market updates — which is a result of our strong focus on creating the best content.

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💡 1 Tip to make the best out of newsletter advertising:

Personalize when possible: Personalize your Brand’s Ad Assets if your budget or time allows it. For example, in this newsletter ad, EmailOctopus personalizes its Ad Image & Copy for the sponsored newsletter. This makes the Ad more welcoming to the readers & has a higher chance of increasing Ad CTR.

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