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Discussing Sponsorships with The Founder of Growth Currency Newsletter

Discussing Sponsorships with The Founder of Growth Currency Newsletter

Welcome to a new issue of Swapstack newsletter Founder Stories, where we connect with and share the origin stories of hot, up and coming newsletters in all different industries. Each issue of this series will consist of a deep dive into a different newsletter, and give you insight into how they launched, grew, and sustained their growth. Of course, we’ll also touch upon sponsorships and monetization strategies as well 💰. Let’s get to it!

Today’s publication:

Name: Growth Currency

Published by: Dylan Redekop

Current Sub count & open rate: 2.4K subs / 47% avg. open rate

Topics covered: Branding, Business, Creators, Entrepreneurship & Marketing

1-line description: Helping content creators grow profitable newsletters.

Some Background On Growth Currency:

I started writing Growth Currency on Substack because it enabled me to reach my ideal audience (creators) faster and it was super easy to start! I’ve now published 67+ editions and gained over 1,600 subscribers to date. I’d love to ramp things up to get to 5,000 subscribers by the end of 2022. One of my goals for 2022 is to consistently publish a weekly newsletter. Opportunities from writing a newsletter are endless and I’m here for all those good things!

Growth’s Currency’s Take On Sponsorships:

Q: How do newsletter sponsorships add value to your readers?

Newsletter sponsorships add value to the reader only when a product or a service being offered is relevant to them. I’ve featured many newsletters, tools, events, and courses in my newsletter.

All these sponsored ads and featured products are designed to help my target reader: the modern-day content creator who is looking to make a living in the creator economy, particularly with a newsletter.

Q: For advertisers, what strategies have you seen work best when running sponsorships in your newsletter?

Anything the user can access or get instant value from—without too much upfront cost—seems to work best. So, offering a lead magnet, or a free trial for their product, definitely works with the readers and lets you get a foot in the door. Most newsletter ads and sponsorships (especially for Growth Currency) work best when they’re a top-of-funnel strategy to get future customers into your ecosystem and get the word out about your brand.

Q: Share your thoughts on why advertisers should consider newsletter advertising?

With Newsletter Advertising, you’re reaching a more intentional audience than social media advertising. Readers are intentionally opening up newsletters to read them, oftentimes anticipating (even subconsciously) that there will be an ad or two in the newsletter. They’re active readers, not passive scrollers. They anticipate clicking links (in my newsletter at least) and are more predisposed to engaging with interesting and helpful products. If you know your customer LTV, you can do some quick math and determine if a newsletter ad is likely to be worthwhile or not.

💡 1 Tip to make the best out of newsletter advertising:

Build long-term relationships with writers!

On Deck chose to sponsor Stacked Marketer and Quastor multiple times because of the strong fit their audience has with On Deck’s target audience. They’ve both consistently driven high-quality applicants to On Deck which is a great fit for what they’re looking for.

Read how On Deck cut their Cost-Per-Acquisition by 50% through Newsletter Marketing

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