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A Swapstack makeover: Work more efficiently with newsletter writers.

Earlier today we launched an overhaul of the core functionality of our product, as well as a sexy new website! We’re excited to share what we did, and why.

Our new website:

First of all, we released an updated web presence which more clearly and effectively lays out the value that we provide to both publishers and advertisers. We want all visitors to our website to understand our value propositions very clearly:

  1. Enable publishers of all sizes to grow and scale their monetization process & land sponsors, more frequently.
  2. Provide advertisers an efficient way to grow their business through scaled newsletter sponsorships and “set & forget” affiliate options.

Communication on-platform:

As part of the release, we’ve brought all communication on platform. This includes:

  • A message board for communication between partners
  • I/Os to manage agreements
  • Invoices to request and receive payments

Read more about how this works here:

Plug & Play Automation:

If you have an existing affiliate program using a tool like Impact, PartnerStack, ShareASale, Pepperjam etc. you can now extend that program to the entire network of 900+ publishers and 60M+ readers on Swapstack.

The application process is simplified, and reporting is largely automated (depending on the program you use).

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