5 Best Canadian Newsletters You Should Read!

1. TechTO

Written by Jared Gordon

  • Newsletter Description: Canada’s largest tech community
  • Subscriber Count: 58500
  • Cadence: Daily or close to daily
  • Topics Covered: Fundraising / VC, Future of work, Start-ups, Tech

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  • Partner Content: ~150 words with an image/gif and links
  • Classified: Two lines of text in middle of email with a link.

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2. Must Do Canada “Weekly Goose”

Written by Matthew Bailey

  • Newsletter Description: Canada’s Weekly Travel Dose
  • Subscriber Count: 50000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Lifestyle, Other

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  • Feature Ad Sponsor: You’ll get a feature ad in our weekly newsletter with up to 250 words and one photo.

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3. Skyline

Written by Jeff T

  • Newsletter Description: Political, business, and investigative journalism news coverage in Canada and the U.S
  • Subscriber Count: 40000
  • Cadence:
  • Topics Covered: Government, Culture, Politics, Regulation, News, Opinion

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  • Newsletter Sponsorship: Please feel free to reach out for examples and more information about our platform and offerings.

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4. Good Day Canada

Written by Geoff Sharpe

  • Newsletter Description: Start your morning with inspiring and uplifting stories about Canada
  • Subscriber Count: 8500
  • Cadence: Daily or close to daily
  • Topics Covered: Human Resources, News, Personal, Social Good, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage, Beauty

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5. Canadian Foreign Policy Bulletin

Written by Canadian Foreign Policy Bulletin Team

  • Newsletter Description: A bi-weekly newsletter on latest developments in Canadian foreign and defence policy including exclusive expert commentary from some of Canada’s top scholars in the field of international relations.
  • Subscriber Count: 1450
  • Cadence: Every 2 weeks
  • Topics Covered: Government, News, Opinion, Politics

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  • Exclusive sponsor: We’ll highlight you as the exclusive sponsor for the bi-weekly newsletter to our sophisticated foreign policy focused audience. This monthly package includes a shout out (a banner ad, brief text 30 words, a link) and one classified ad (banner ad, call to action and a link). The bi-weekly newsletter has a high open rate of over 40% consistently.

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