10 Best Social Impact Newsletters You Should Read!

1. Climate Briefing by Flipboard

Written by Flipboard Team

  • Newsletter Description: Our environmental crisis and how to fix it
  • Subscriber Count: 1000000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Science, Climate, Business, Future of work

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2. Smile

Written by Smile Team

  • Newsletter Description: The #1 good news email.
  • Subscriber Count: 275000
  • Cadence: Daily or close to daily
  • Topics Covered: Culture, Lifestyle, News, Nutrition, Personal, Productivity, Social Good, Health & Wellness, Hobbies

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3. Give InKind Weekly Newsletter

Written by Give InKind Team

  • Newsletter Description: InKind is a platform for organizing support for anyone, from anywhere. Each InKind page allows friends, families, and communities to provide help in a way that works for them. From sending a meal to new parents to supporting a sick coworker, more than 2M people have come to InKind to answer the question “how can I help?”
  • Subscriber Count: 170000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Lifestyle, Parenting, Personal, Social Good, Health & Wellness

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4. The Goodnewsletter

Written by Branden Harvey

  • Newsletter Description: We deliver positive news from around the world to your inbox every Tuesday, from Good Good Good.
  • Subscriber Count: 26000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Animals / Pets, Business, Climate, Culture, Diversity, Education, Food & Beverage, Future of work, Government, Marketing, News, Politics, Productivity, Start-ups, Tech, Transportation, Health & Wellness

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5. The Bloom

Written by Bloom Team

  • Newsletter Description: A global newsletter for impact opportunities
  • Subscriber Count: 10245
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Climate, Culture, Diversity, Education, Lifestyle, News, Social Good, Tech, Health & Wellness

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6. Minimum Viable Planet

Written by Sarah lazarovic

  • Newsletter Description: An undepressing newsletter about the climate crisis
  • Subscriber Count: 4600
  • Cadence: Every 2 weeks
  • Topics Covered: Climate, Social Good, Health & Wellness

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7. Changeletter

Written by Nivi Achanta

  • Newsletter Description: Changeletter is a weekly, bite-sized newsletter by Soapbox Project that makes it really easy to fight climate change.
  • Subscriber Count: 4000
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Lifestyle, Politics, Health & Wellness, Education, Food & Beverage, Social Good, Climate, News, Diversity

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8. Climate Solutions

Written by Paul Dawson

  • Newsletter Description: Investigating different solutions to climate change
  • Subscriber Count: 2044
  • Cadence: Monthly
  • Topics Covered: Climate, Tech

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9. Catalyst20

Written by Emma Bochner

  • Newsletter Description: Curated action items and resources to help you facilitate positive social change.
  • Subscriber Count: 1800
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Topics Covered: Beauty, Climate, Culture, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Government, News, Politics, Social Good, Health & Wellness

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  • Available Sponsorships:
  • Newsletter Sponsorship: Please feel free to reach out for examples and more information about our platform and offerings.

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10. The Planet

Written by Alexander Verbeek

  • Newsletter Description: The quickly growing newsletter for you and all those that love our fragile, beautiful planet. Start your day with independent writing on climate, wildlife, oceans, and the beauty of nature; often combined with historical anecdotes, art, and travel stories.
  • Subscriber Count: 1625
  • Cadence: Daily or close to daily
  • Topics Covered: Animals / Pets, Climate, Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, News, Nutrition, Opinion, Politics

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  • Available Sponsorships:
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