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Performance based, Newsletter sponsorships.

Sponsor an unlimited amount of newsletters, without adding time, emails, or logistics to your plate.

Scale your newsletter sponsorship channel through campaigns, affiliates and direct relationships with other publishers.

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Grow & monetize your audience.

Start monetizing your newsletter, blog, or other content audience in minutes.

Promote your newsletter and pay per high quality subscribers driven.

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The results speak for themselves

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"Swapstack has made an otherwise complicated process (of finding & working with paid sponsors) simple and straight-forward."
Chris Tuttle
Founder / Owner
One Good Thing
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"I am Swapstack's biggest fan. The amount of time I have saved and $$ made through the platform in incredible."
Jill Salzman
Founding Moms Newsletter & Podcast
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"Swapstack has enabled Morning Brew to partner with relevant publishers of all sizes and drive high-quality conversions to our brand. Best of all, the Swapstack team is very communicative and open to helping or testing whatever you need."
Alex Martinez
Growth Manager
Morning Brew
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"Sourcing relevant outlets and getting in front of the right audiences—who care about your offering—is a breeze with Swapstack! With the number of newsletter growing, a marketplace like this is an absolute timesaver for marketers looking to invest in targeted campaigns."
Reza Saeedi
Head of Growth
On Deck
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"Swapstack helps us efficiently buy newsletters for several different clients. Their platform is easy to navigate and their team is great to work with.”
Eric Smith
VP, Emerging Media
Incremental Media
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“There’s a lot of great things I could say about Swapstack & their team! I love the simple-to-use features & streamlined processes of closing deals. Swapstack is a lifesaver!”
Hunter Stensrud
CoFounder & CMO
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