Introducing Plug & Play: Pre-approved affiliate ads for writers.

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Speak directly to your brand's target audience.

Find the most relevant sponsors for your newsletter.

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Identify dozens of sponsorship opportunities.  

  • Hundreds of writers at your fingertips.
  • Connect directly with writers you like.
  • Reach millions of engaged readers
  • Writers across all industries & topics.
"We've been looking for easy ways to connect witth fantastic writers and newsletters to showcase our natural foods brand, in our first week with SwapStack we've had a dozen strong matches that we'll be running campaigns with"
Chris Jane
Founder of PROPER GOOD
For writers

Find the perfect sponsorship match.

  • Sponsorships for all newsletter sizes.
  • Creative freedom to keep your style.
  • Secure invoicing to collect payments with 0 fees.
  • Meet hundreds of other writers.
Plug & PLay

Sponsors at your fingertips.

As a writer, Plug & Play gives you access to pre-approved affiliate deals that you can place into your newsletter & get paid for any conversions you drive.

  • Pre-Approved deals.
  • No limit on earning potential
  • Always have an ad to fill empty inventory.
  • Awesome brands to choose from.
“Swapstack is an amazing community of newsletter creators. I've learned so much about newsletter tech & have met so many brands by being part of this community!"
Arielle Nissenblatt
WRiter of earbuds podcast Collective

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Why join the Swapstack Community?

Swapstack was built by two writers, who wanted an easier way to monetize their work. They started with a community, and built a product based on the needs of the community. Swapstack is still community driven, which means each writer gets value in multiple ways.


Easily monetize your newsletter by working with active sponsors.

Focus on Writing

Save time filling your sponsorship pipeline, so you can write more.


Meet other writers to collaborate with, and grow through swaps.

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