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Swapstack is one of the most efficient uses of our marketing budget on a cost per conversion level.
Nicola Volpi
Head of Growth
Tal & Dev
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We're always looking for consistent ways to grow our subscriber base at predictable costs. Swapstack drives 100's of high quality readers to TDU every month.
Danielt Holt
Growth Manager
The Daily Upside
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The easier the product Is, the more we like It. We grow our subscriber base by 100's every month with Swapstack's Newsletter Affiliates and barely have to touch it.
Sefan von Imhof
Co-Founder & CEO
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Swapstack's affiliate program has expanded our growth strategy effortlessly and has driven over 20K high quality subscribers to our readership. It's an obvious growth solution for our team."
Tim Huelskamp
1440 Media
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I am Swapstack's biggest fan. The amount of time I have saved and $$ made through the platform in incredible.
Jill Salzman
Founding Moms Newsletter & Podcast
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Swapstack has enabled Morning Brew to partner with relevant publishers of all sizes and drive high-quality conversions to our brand. Best of all, the Swapstack team is very communicative and open to helping or testing whatever you need.
Alex Martinez
Growth Manager
Morning Brew
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Sponsorships, at scale

Brand Partnerships

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Pre-approved affiliate deals

Endorse highly-relevant products to your audience and get paid per lead, demo or purchase.

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Invite-only partnerships

Get invited to premium campaigns, and make bank by earning per click you drive

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Negotiate directly with brands

Communicate directly with advertisers and negotiate large, flat rate partnerships.

Affiliate deals, at scale

Newsletter Partnerships

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Earn-Per-Subscriber deals

Add endorsements for other newsletters in your next issue. Get paid for each subscriber you drive.

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Post-subscription recommendations

Share a link to your custom Recommendations page, and earn everytime a reader subscribes or purchases a recommended product.

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Allow other publishers to refer their readers

Grow your newsletter by creating your own affiliate deal, and only pay for qualified subscribers driven.

Sponsorships, at scale

Other Publisher Tools

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Tip Jar

Your readers love you! You’d be surprised how many of your subscribers will show their the form of money. Collect tips with the Swapstack tip jar.

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